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Trump to Chicago: Fix 'Horrible Carnage' Or 'I Will Send In The Feds'!

Trump to Chicago: Fix ‘Horrible Carnage’ Or ‘I Will Send In The Feds’!

On Tuesday night, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News covered the shocking levels of violence in Chicago. O’Reilly explained, “The first 23 days of this year, 42 homicides in the Windy City, up 24 percent from last year. An unbelievable 228 people have been shot and Chicago in 23 days….The question is, can President Trump override local Illinois and Chicago authorities, and stop the murder?” O

Netanyahu to Major Rabbi: Without Faith, I Couldn't Face the World

Netanyahu to Major Rabbi: Without Faith, I Couldn’t Face the World

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday night attended the last day of the Shiva (mourning) week for the late mother of the Belzer Rebbe (Rabbi), Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rokeach, in Jerusalem, B’Hadrei Haredim reported. Netanyahu, who was accompanied by MK Israel Eichler (UTJ), who is a Belzer Chassid, thanked the Rebbe for the support he has been receiving from the MK, to which the Rebbe responded, saying, “I told Rabbi Eichler that it’s been years since we last had a prime minister who knew how to stand up to the world like you.” He added, “It’s all in the hands of Heaven.”