The Sumerian Hymn to Enlil

“ Enlil’s commands are by far the loftiest, his words are holy, his utterances are immutable! The fate he decides is everlasting, his glance makes the mountains anxious, his … reaches into the interior of the mountains. All the gods of the earth bow down to father Enlil, who sits comfortably on the holy dais, the lofty engur, to Nunamnir, whose lordship and princeship are most perfect. The Anunnaki enter before him and obey his instructions faithfully. ”

Gilgamesh, Enki, and the Bull of Heaven - Sumerian Petroglyph

The Sumerian Story

The Sumerian Story – Genesis to Revelations Let this article act as a brief ancient history lesson for those who have no background regarding the Annunaki, and human history’s distant beginning. Enki, though brilliant, was a spoiled child, jealous of his brother Enlil, and wanting a kingdom of his own. When Nibiru was faced with…