William Scoggins is A REAL CATHOLIC BISHOP, ordained apostolically in the Ecumenical Order of Christ, with all of the knowledge, power and authority that comes with his honored and lauded position.


Apocalyptic Prediction in The Simpsons as Congress Prepares for the End

January 12th, 2018



Has the popular television show “The Simpsons” predicted yet another coming catastrophe? What unfolds in May could very well set the stage for the upcoming BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON. This Illuminati created show has given the public signs and warnings of upcoming events in the past, so it’s in your best interest to remain vigilant. And now, Congressmen are deciding NOT to run for reelection for this year, but for what reason? Is the life of luxury too much too much of a burden?? But wait… there’s more to this.

Join Archbishop William Scoggins and find out what.