The Sumerian Hymn to Enlil

“ Enlil’s commands are by far the loftiest, his words are holy, his utterances are immutable! The fate he decides is everlasting, his glance makes the mountains anxious, his … reaches into the interior of the mountains. All the gods of the earth bow down to father Enlil, who sits comfortably on the holy dais, the lofty engur, to Nunamnir, whose lordship and princeship are most perfect. The Anunnaki enter before him and obey his instructions faithfully. ”

End Game: Unveiling the Origins of the Messiah

End Game: Unveiling the Origins of the Messiah

Take this moment and recall if you’ve ever had a time in your life where you’ve contemplated the question, “What are the origins of the Messiah?” Yeshua was recorded in John 18:36 to have said that his “Kingdom is not of this world.” Governments around the world through mainstream media have been subtly hinting at the fact that there is something extraterrestrial coming our way. You may be asking, “What do these aliens have to do with the origins of our Creator?”

Prophecy Alert: Final Countdown to Midnight as Nostradamus’ Hybrid Pig Prediction Spells Doomsday

Prophecy Alert: Final Countdown to Midnight as Nostradamus’ Hybrid Pig Prediction Spells Doomsday

Could it be that the age-long statement of “when pigs can fly…” is not too far off in regards to nuclear war? Blowing up headlines is the Doomsday Clock with its suspenseful yet subtle hand movement growing closer to midnight with two and a half minutes to spare. The Armageddon Broadcast Network is here to reveal to you once again the latest breaking end-times prophecies.

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The Truth About the White House Executive Order Issued on October 13th, 2016 – Is There Really a Potential ELE Going to Strike Earth?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please pay attention. The powers that be are referring to this as “space weather”, a “Galactic Mass Ejection”, a massive wave of energy, The Lucifer Project, among many other references. We do know this much: something life-changing is about to take place, and many other similar events will be happening simultaneously around the same time period.

The Symphony of Illusions - Babylon - The Armageddon Broadcast Network ABN - RayEl RaEl Lord

The Symphony of Illusions Conducting Division

Begin to ponder the ultimate desired outcome for everyone in the entire world today…Would it not be a world that is peaceful and harmonious, living together as one? In order for that to happen, all must be able to be in unity and set aside foolish pride. It is clear that is not possible with the current leadership today, our world is too intertwined and deeply rooted with wickedness. Overall, man worships and places money, Earthly possessions, and himself before others more times than not.